Effortlessly Transfer Funds from Cash App to Venmo

Send money from Cash app to Venmo

Sending money directly from Cash App to Venmo isn’t possible, as they don’t have a built-in connection. But, you can still make it happen with a couple of workarounds:

Methods to Send Money from Cash App to Venmo

Method 1: Through Your Bank Account

  1. Open Cash App.
  2. Go to “Banking“.
  3. Tap “Cash Out“.
  4. Put in the amount you want to send.
  5. Pick your bank account and confirm the transfer.

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Once it’s in your bank, send it to Venmo:

  1. Log in to Venmo.
  2. Click “Add Money“.
  3. Choose “From Bank Account“.
  4. Enter the amount and add it to Venmo.

Just know, it might take a few days.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Service

  1. Find a service that moves money from Cash App to Venmo.
  2. Make an account and link Cash App and Venmo.
  3. Follow their steps to send money between the two.

A couple of things to remember:

  • There’s no official direct method to send money from Cash App to Venmo.
  • Some third-party services charge a fee.
  • Make sure you pick a trusted third-party service when moving money from Cash App to Venmo.

Hope this helps you get your money where you need it!

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